Monday, September 24, 2012


I’m now obsessed in ombre stuff’s from hair,dresse’s  to skirts.. During our 37th monthsary  me and boyfriend went to ukay-ukay..Then I found this ombre maxi skirt then he bought it for me haha..He was giddy also when he found a sweater/jacket that he always wanted..
(Yes I gained weight ..those chubby face and arms!err!)

 I wore it today and matched a black top and flats..I went to school first to fix things up then head out with my cousin to capitol.Suddenly the person that I want to see wasn’t there. She was on leave and be back by next week.

So my cousin and I decided to go somewhere else haha..
(I know I don’t have a good camera shot and I’m not good in blogging like this)