Saturday, December 8, 2012


I've been wanting this since forever super thanks to uka-ukay store.I got it for only 180php..Hooray! So I should embrace my inner bohemian look ..For a moment I'd use it for work, Well we don't wear formal attire anyway..So maybe just maybe.. I was with my boyfriend yesterday at ukay-ukay.We were about to roomed around then suddenly I saw this fringe handbag hanging on the rack.I felt sooO giddy to have it right away even though it wasn't included on my budget..tehee..

 finally finally!

 Who inspires me? The gorgeous and popular celebrity Vanessa Hudgens.. I really LOVE Vanessa Hudgen's style and guess what? She loves fringe handbag too.. MY STYLE ICON!

Yes I know this fringe handbag was so last year (2010) Oh c'mon it's a must have for bohemian look.