Saturday, July 6, 2013


    When I set my eyes on this jumper it reminds of my childhood elementary days.Because my cousin and I used  to wear it during wash days at school.I also remember that I had four pairs of them before and I'd never thought  that it will be a trend rebirth =) Although for some people they think it suits only for kids ..Oh c'mon! Anyway what I love about jumpers now it came with varities from different prints, textures, leathers to common denim.So it made me giddy to try it again. =)

  As for my look I wore a bandeau  top underaneath  just to show off a little skin (YES NOT-FLAWLESS-AND-SEXY) I'm not sure on what to describe my look is it Cute? hee =)) By the way the jumper I'm wearing was made of light fabrics and so comfortable!I also have the denim one  to be worn soon.

So I hope you like my todays look =)