Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunflower Bloom

I'm so sorry for being MIA in blogging its just that  there's so much more important things to focus first  than that plus  the sh*tty malfunction of our laptop that's why I can't post lately.Anyways I think we had a fast recovery after the super typhoon and we moved on. Thanks to God Almighty for everything is possible with HIM and PRAYER is the most powerful weapon among of all. 0:)

So moving on to my look, well uhmm this isn't the usual OOTD instead the result of my boredom.Yeah cray right? You can't blame me heee..So alright, I know I'm a bit late for sunflower trend (so last year!) but here's my take to MODEL it LOL. I  bottom down  it with a high waist short ,my sissy Ray-Ban specs and also her beannie ..

BOTTOM: Thrift Store
Beannie and Sunglasses: Yssa