Friday, September 28, 2012


Hoohlah! Boredom strikes again and it hit me to try experimenting.So I decided to murder my clothes and look for something that I rarely wear.I found this blouse in my closet.Okay the story goes like this  Actually it isn't mine haha I just found a treasure at my Aunt's bedroom. That was a year ago I guess  cause nobody occupying that room.There were lots of scattered fabrics on the floor also boxes of unused clothes.How did I get there? My other Aunt asked me to look for fabrics that can be paired with my jeans..Basta yun na yun! It has a bit faded stain when I got it ..But the fabric and the design was still okay.Then the ombre thingy became a trend so I also made a DIY for myself.It isn't perfect though just like I watched on youtube.In the bright side I still made it.. hoorah! 
Dip it in a basin and leave it for more than 30 minutes.
The bleach was already absorbing ..
Then the finish product ..tehe.. I didn't make it a step by step procedure cause it is still okay to watch tutorials on youtube.
So that's it..haha Yeah it's kinda messy and not that perfect..Atleast I made it.So if you want to have like what I did.Grab your unused clothes  and make a DIY to make it usable again