Friday, September 28, 2012

Shoe Wishlist

Nowadays,Shoes  became girls bestfriend instead of diamond. Because it gives sophisticated, edgy and even chic look to a plain outfit in an instance that's what we call stylish and unique. Although some fashion bloggers  are more sucker for high heels  because of its variety of styles and designs. Somewhat I called "complicated designs"  haha silly me!  Anyway that's how fashion  influenced by them.

However,In my case I'd never love heels in the first place cause it makes me complicated  to walk in the street neither on stairs. Until wedges and platforms became in trend though it has also variety  of styles like high heels does . I felt save from heaven Wedges are easier to walk in   plus an inches for my height Although some wedges can still give me in pain especially when I wear it for much an hour. At any rate, I look taller and at the same point of time it gives me figure.  (chubby is gone lol)

So much for that, Here are the shoes that I've been wanting since forever!

  • Platforms
  • Wedges
  • Creepers

Aside from my love for wedges, Flats  can never let me down from doll shoes, flat sandals,ballet flats , loafers and oxfords.Well I think  wearing flats are awesome.For me its comfy and cute  and it feels like I'm walking barefoot.Anyway It can be stylish and fun and they often have the advantage of comfort that high heels will never beat.

Hopefully, this coming pay day I can finally have a paired of wedges and flats... Finger crossed