Friday, September 28, 2012


Last Thursday I had a mini shopping and I bought a leopard printed trouser.I'm not sure how to top it off and others..So, I made a one week outfit wearing the trouser..Well,my "hopeless wishes " strikes again..Anyway here they are:

Monday: This  style is a laid back outfit,,If I'm going to room around the city or hangout with friends this would be a perfect outfit.Well, Don't blame if you're really a fashionista..
Tuesday: This cute style can maybe fit on a date with your boyfriend ..The boater's hat utters for summer while taking  a walk in the park with him or go on movie rather ..Your a cute wild cat!
Wednesday: Obviously it's a color blocking paired in different colors..Perfect for working days.
Thursday: Denim + Animal prints won't be that bad right? Well in my case I tried wearing denim as my top and a trouser once ..I think it suits well it depends on the tank top.. This outfit is  good for traveling haha

Friday:Hit the beach!

Saturday: Girl's Night OUt!
Sunday: Attending church mass