Friday, September 28, 2012


Photos of huge arms are coming! It's been awhile since I updated this blog , work is what I've been busy about.Unfortunately,our desktop shutdown easily that's also one of the reason why I never had a chance to blog.It took weeks before it had repaired.

 Anyway, here's a laid back outfit that I wore during our family gathering held at our Tito Rommel's house. I was with my cousin's and sister.It was fun doing shot's over that truck lol 

Yes, you might be familiar of my top.That was my DIY messy obre I made last month.Bottom is fade high-waist denim shorts and paired neon strapsandal (oh not that to light color).As you may know wearing laid back outfits is the most comfy yet fashionable way.

I love this cute necklace made by clay, my cousin  from Cebu gave this to me last Christmas in year 2010. See,It's still in good condition, such a good keeper indeed! LOL. The certain braided belt that I usually wear..Why? Cos I rarely use belts,Then fashion came along it pushed me to wear it .This the only belt that I have.

Most of us has a "not-so pretty or super eek!" captured photos..So here are mine.Instead of setting aside your oopzy faces with your outfit  then posting the best one's.  Why don't you try it? Post it!

So there you are..LOL

In as much as I know I need to tone my arms already! It's not good to look at anymore =( SO BYE!