Friday, September 28, 2012


My title doesn't connect to my outfit .. It's about how I am  blessed to have a HERO in my life which is my boyfriend and y'know obviously I'm his perfect HEROINE.. I spent my whole time with him yesterday  after some busy sched. I got kilig when he sang a song in front of me.. cheeziness!.Btw, He took this shot for me haha ,Yeah he's not an expert photographer, plus a low quality cam and he doesn't even know which is the right angle .. But beyond that  I love him so big! 

(Awkward shot)
As you may know I've been wearing this short/skirt for several times  and thanks to my Mom for her great find in ukay-ukay. I love every pleats and the  mustard shade of it. Unfortunately, It's such a suffer to take off when heading to bathroom.. 
I topped it off with a printed black tee and layered out with fringe vest.Though the vest is not seen on the first photo that it was fringe..

And my very own oxford shoes.As you might not know  I've been eyeing this shoes whenever I pass by in Department Store. Thanks to my Ninong's for giving me a cash gift when we went to our Lolo's house in Macky. That's the time I had the chance to buy it.Although the color that I want was brown-ish/ caramel something like that.Unfortunately the gray one was the only color left on their items.So I have no choice perhaps gray color  can go along with  a chic look right?