Friday, September 28, 2012

Newly Added

Last Thursday I did a mini shopping  its a must! I bought clothes that can be wearable also for work.As I was browsing my closet I noticed that I only have few pair of jeans, most of my bottoms are skirts, shorts and leggings.Imagine that! 

So, I prioritized first to buy jeans. I just can't understand why some girls hates to wear jeans? The fact that its the most comfortable  clothes in the world! Jeans can never be out of style .Well,aside from comfy, easy to move around it can also be wearable to all sorts of events without worrying about their state of cleanliness.
I picked out this cute jeans not an original Levis brand as long as it fits me well.. I'm also planning to go for other colors soon,,

I saw some lovely blouses in the boutique that  I head over.Cut-off shoulder top is really an eye catching. Unfortunately, It doesn't suit my body type..The  major hindrance? MY HUGE ARMS  GAAH!.So I decided to look for a bit lose that can cover up my arms.. Then TADAA! found  this tribal printed blouse.I'm head over heels inlove from aztec, tribal to nordic prints..

Third, I went back to the boutique on where I first seen trousers. I asked the sales lady if the animal printed was still available.Then I noticed it was hidden on the rack. Then gotcha! Thank goodness that was the last piece  and we are really meant to be..

Lastly, The cute owl satchel bag wasn't really on my budget list.But I couldn't resist to have it. I was been addicted to owl thingy before..Y'know! haha ."No matter what come may.. That satchel is a must buy! " that was the only thing bugging on my head..GOt it!

I'm now eyeing for more satchel bags , huge bags that can be carry on all the time and shoes-es ..I'm so  excited what to buy next! Til here!