Friday, September 28, 2012


Howdy guys! I'm here again trying to update this blog..Well last Sunday I had an impromptu outfit post when I pulled this nordic poncho top from my closet.As you may know this top is totally perfect for bipolar weather here in  Philippines and paired it with some booties.. Eventually,most of the people are afraid to wear boots because of shame yada! YAda! So much for that ,yes about this nordic top I'm going to give this away to my cousins.Eventhough, how much I've been yanking   to have something like this before..It's time to set it free (LOL) It's very comfy to wear promise! But people were all eyes on me.

Look at our puppy his been wondering what I'm doing..Haha, such a cutie 
I'm wearing faux earings..

I paired it denim acid skirt .. got it from "ukay-ukay"

Then my forever comfort platforms..This one also was my great find in ukay-ukay  just a lucky one! 
So, that's all for now bye!