Friday, September 28, 2012

Wild Rush

It was rush day for me when I had this shot nevermind what was it though.
That's why I entitled it "WILD RUSH" and obviously my animal printed pants I'm wearing.
Anyhow,Here's an outfit post of matching denim on animal prints.Does it go along?Yes, Indeed cos this
denim jacket/blazer (whatsoever!) withstands any kind of weather or even on usual days.

My outfit:
  Denim jacket from Mom's closet
wore violet tank top
my overused black flats ( wish to have more colors)
and some statement piece

Actually, I don't really own accessories that go on trends .I just stick on what
 I have inside my drawer( Yes,I keep it there)

Another thing, I'm not afraid to combine different prints (stripes + florals + leopard)
I just make sure I follow the right color scheme so I'll still look put-together.

P. S.

You bet! I still have the wrong choice of background.I promise to look for much better next time =(
and Oh! DSLR cam =(

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