Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quick Bohemian

I've been sick lately, and busy with my new task on my job plus the no internet connection in our home..
wrist/ The more I get so giddy to check everyone's blog and make a new outfit post.

I just don't mind  if I only shoot photos in our messy room and all that. Oh whatever! 
Anyhow  I  created a quick bohemian look .What made me decide to do it was when I saw the beaded flat sandal owned by my Mom.(Yes! we have the same shoe size, and yes she has a good taste when it ccomes to foot wear and lastly, got it for only 50 pesos from Ukay-ukay or bargain stores) such a steal right?

So here's what I wore..

 A braided belt made as a head piece (crazy right?)
all of my clothes or shall I say treasures got from bargain stores

Fringe vest
strawberry printed skirt : Y'know how  much I love this skirt.It matches everything on my existing closet..
I got this during my late birthday 2010

Wooded bracelets
Satchel bag
single feathered earings ( Actually this was a head piece then Mom made it as an earing) haha!
Beaded flat sandal (owned by mom)



  1. cute outfit
    xx Jules

  2. you are very adorable my dear and your sandals with the beading are quite interesting!
    xx rae

  3. love the look! :)

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  4. This look is so boho and cute! Love going to the ukay ukay as well. :)

    Wish & Wear