Thursday, October 25, 2012


HEY co-bloggers! Let me show you the ordinary or usual outfit whenever I'm on a hurry.I still prefer to wear something plaid and comfy and just dabbed some accessories =)I have couple of denim shorts on my closet.As you may not know this denim shorts I'm wearing was bought by my sweet boyfriend.. FYI! I dind't asked for it he just insisted.
This shot was taken outside of the UP campus here in Leyte.Yes! I also noticed that my arms are getting bigger eep!

Haha messy tassel earings (everything was purple right?)

 wooden bracelet and floral crocs shoes =)
LOVE connector ring
Haha see that ban-aid there? I had an allergy out of something lol poor me  =)

What I wore:
  • LOVE connector ring
  • tassel earings
  • wooden bracelet
  • stripes top
  • denim shorts
  • floral crocs
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