Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hoolah! Everyone of us get bored easily sometimes right? and whenever we're bored we have to do something to skip it, mine is by doing an outfit shot LOL  well, blame me! haha

I'm going to somewhere else that time but I have to leave by 2:00 pm so I did a shot first in our messy room.Assual low quality photos =( I'm the type of girl who loves to experiment whatever I pulled out on my closet and GAME on! mix and match time! Oops sorry my baby fats flaunted LOL Btw I was wearing a sporty top and paired it over maxi skirt?? wut?? I'm not sure if it go togeher.. =(

 Okay more shots of this sheer maxi-polka dotted whatever haha! I found this at my Mom's treasure box or "baul" Why don't you do it too?You might not know your Granny's or Mom old closet still has a good find  just like what I did.. I just wore a black shorts underneath ..

Okay another shoes I steal from Mom's shoe closet haha.. I love the transparent strap matches my neon nail polish tehe.. =))

What I wore:
  • polka dotted maxi skirt
  • sporty top
  • transparent strap sandals LOL haha
  • orange bangles