Monday, September 24, 2012


Last Sunday after I attended the mass I had a "LEOPARD ATTACK".  I guess that was the effect of my boredom.Upon browsing my closet I noticed that I'm already owning  5 wild printed clothes.I was stuck in our room so I grabbed it and did a lookbook shot.

Sorry guys for the low quality of my camera.I wish I could have a dslr  and a  nice background soon.So excuse it for a moment.

Okay this cute leopard sneakers are owned by my Mom..Yeah you read it right Besides we have the same shoe size so It's not hard to borrow shoes from her. My Mom is a shoe addict  but only wear decent shoes in a party. Unlike us girls even we just go to a mall we wear wedges or oxfords.

Anyway,I just want you to know that I'm the type of girl who loves to mix and match outfits. Since I was in high school  I usually wear clothes in color combination and accessorized it. I didn't even mind the word "fashionista" back then. Though I'm not that trendy person  as I am now. Because that time  there were no fashion inspirations yet.I'm not afraid to mix and match from neons to pastels, florals to wild prints, crochet to denim and now wild to wild prints.

This can be worn to a party, hangout with your fashionista's besties or even  a date with your boyfriend.  But expect people  will be looking at you why? They might think you dress up weird haha.Oh c'mon filipino peoples are like that. But who cares anyway? IT's YOU!

So have a  wild weekend everyone