Friday, September 28, 2012

New clothes

Earlier,my cousin and I had an ukay-ukay  hunt here in our town. I found a crop top and the prints were eye catching cause its similar from scarf printed clothes that is now in trend.Unfortunately,the color is dead its a bit brown caramel color.However  I'l still search for more bolded  colors not just the  faded one 

Another I also got this high waist-ed denim shorts for only 25php .See how lucky I am!  There's something  in my mind to dye it. An ombre perhaps 

Mix and match time: I will still prefer the normal color of this short pairing the top and accessories. I don't know what to call this look.60's or 80's  or shall I call it vintage haha.

Last Christmas in year 2010,I got this wooden necklace for only 50php and still alive ..Yeah, I decided not to mix some bright colors cause I want to stay it an old  vintage look .

wooden bracelets, silver bangles and bow hair clip.. 

and my  over used satchel..

So that's  all for my mixing and matching outfits.Til next time!