Friday, September 28, 2012

New Finds

Yesterday I ask permission at my work to go home early because of my abdominal pain and I think I'm gonna throw up while my body were shaking..But good thing I feel better now..I still have li'l bit fever ( whatta a term) 
After encountering stupid people while crossing the street while my face was so pale and fainting .. I waited at the nearest store to my parents to fetch me up.Then we went to a pharmacy to bought some medicine .My father noticed an ukay-ukay store ,so we head out there.I felt better that time but still shaking haha.Who could not resist uaky-ukay clothes haha.
Actually, I bought lots of clothes but the others was still wet due to laundry.So here are some photos:
I've been a sucker now for crochet / lace clothes  . Idk why.Because I think it matches in from jeans to skirts..and yaeh it's vintage.
(Oh finger!) It's not a stain okay? yES you might think that this top is a bit common from time to time..I have an idea to pair it with my straw berry skirt that my boyfriend/ex  bought me last bday 2011.
My mom saw this cute wedges and bought it for me..Yaaay.She also bought for her.It's rare to find shoes in ukay-uaky that still in good condition.Yeah this shoes is a bit damage see the blurry part but not that much..
I'm just happy and sure hopefully I'm going to go back there next month.. Ofcourse  I'l not be alone my cousin Cheney will escort me.. Yaay