Thursday, November 29, 2012

Modern Military

Every now and then I'l make sure to update my blog whenever I need to. So for this day I opted for something army look yet chic-ish.As you may not know  camo are now back on trend.Yes! You read it right you can opt to be edgy, sweet and casual?tehe ..So, anyway for my outfit today  I had this military skirt stacked in my closet.I was supposed to give this away though I'm not a fan of this prints. Well, for some trendy reason I wore it for an outfit post then  give this afterwards.tehe!

I came up  with this tangerine crochet top..Yes I love everything crochet and lace nowadays. I was about to paired it with neon pants I don't have any though.

Then I decided why not to pair it with a skirt? Then I chose this military skirt along with tangerine espadrille shoes.Wacaha think??

What I wore:

  • Crochet top
  • military skirt
  • espadrilles

So for more about of trendy camouflage here are some photos of celeb searched from web and fashion stylist from lookbook

Wendy Nguyen