Monday, December 3, 2012

Sassy-sexy plaid

In this modern world plaid is just timeless,we still see people wearing it around the street.What I love about plaid its brainless and easy to find something that goes with it.

 Again,I’m stuck in our room.We don’t have work due to typhoon Pablo.Then I had a boredom attack which pushes me to have an outfit shot.
I raid my brothers closet.He has a couple of plaids so I borrowed it for purpose.

Anyway, I had this sexy black top much like lingerie right?haha I know I don’t have a flawless skin to show excuse! Then I cover up with plaid polo,paired with denim shorts and platforms for an edgy look!?haha

What I wore:
  • Plaid polo top
  • sexy black tank top
  • denim shorts
  • platform shoes



  1. Love your sexy black tank top. ;)
    And you are such a cutie. <3