Saturday, November 17, 2012

outfits this holiday season

Holiday season is pretty much nearer right? Us girls we always have a list on what to wear in most awaited holiday. Guess what?I already have mine.. haha But I'm not sure if I can totally have those "WANTY LIST" However, peplum is what I'm dyingfor now.. So I made an outfit look on my Polyvore: follow me here

 Christmas party: 
Our Christmas party at office will be on December 19.. Unfortunately, our boss wants us to have a dance presentation.Well, even though I'm not a good dancer and has a stage fright,,I have no choice but to participate! Haha.. Anyway go back to outfit.So I wanted to have "Chic sophisticated" look a red dress with a heart whole at the back is really perfect for black spikes wedges..I already seen wedges like this on dept. store though I forgot the price haha..So be ready!

 Christmas Day: During Christmas season we usually spend it with our family.. so we only stays in our home and giving candies and gifts to our goddaughters/son's.As I was saying I'm dying to have peplums on my closet.. The outfit I made is a bit relax and fits for the season ..My family and I are planning to wear green shade just like the christmas tree. . red flats is much better than high heels right? Why wear heels when you're just at home right? haha

 New Year's Outfit: Another stylish laid-back look for on year 2013th.. My mom's birthday is on December 31 so it's the end of the year..We always celebrate it til mid night having fireworks display, munching food, disco disco haha..Galaxy top and an ombre short is enough said! haha