Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coffee Brown and Perfectly Pink

I don't feel 100% beautiful on my outfit shot last Monday the quality of my photos is still a blah! and eep! those awkward pose! -_- " The weather here is unpredictable ..It will gonna shine for a moment then pour afterwards.That's why I hate choosing the right clothes sometimes.So, I decided to wear something that can cover me up from cold then also matches even if it shines.

You already have met my favorite pleated short/skirt right? =) haha I wore this for a purpose this time..I don't want my floral top to be dull aside from it's long and super blah . I  paired it with this skirt  to make a girly vibe look and with the help of my wedges it added me some height =)  

Oops! Before I forget I got my title from my nail polish tehe ^_^ Coffee Brown and Perfectly Pink I love the alternate shade of it.

I  found my floral top underneath of my closet ..It's a bit long so I need to tie it.
Pearl and wood bracelets..These are vintage from my Grandmother

What I wore:
  • floral blouse
  • pleated short/skirt
  • bracelets
  • vintage necklace
  • over-used wedge

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