Saturday, November 10, 2012


Another day for an outfit post and relaxing Sunday for everyone.I'm just happy that our internet connection is now back. =) So I now return for blogging. I know I've missed everything right? =) I feel giddy to read blogs once again. Hopefully, I can fix my both blogs here and on Tumblr right away. Btw, I've change my blog title into "unexpensiEVE Style" Obviously the last three words "Eve" is my nick name.. I think it suits me though.Since I don't wear and splurge for expensive clothes anyway.So I'm pretty okay with it!

Anyhoo! This what I opted yester-date with my boyfriend. Upon walking the street I saw this huge, beautiful, clean white house..I love every details and ambiance of that house.So I decided to have a few shots  tehee! =)) Thank you again boyfraand!

Obviously, you've seen some of my clothes  already on my lookbook account.I'm just  more on mixing and matching outfits repeatedly,If whatever on my closet that's all I can pull off..So, I paired my cute  pink tube with floral shorts and layered it my over-used denim vest.I may not say that it suited the overall outfit  cause I just wanted to have more relaxed and that matches the sunny weather  here in our place..

What I wore:

  • Pink tube top
  • Denim vest
  • floral shorts
  • sequined flats
  • neon earrings (not showed)
  • sling bag
  • bracelets
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