Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Denim Baabey!

Hoolah-hoop! Yesterday was the last day of October so PAY DAY time! ^_^.But sadly to say I  got lot of charges =(  
Anyhoo, I want you to meet my office mate/ friend from work Grace. She's just new at work and we get along right away.One thing that we have same things in common is that we love taking photos hahaha.. So after we submitted our vouchers we stayed for awhile in a park and did some few shots haha..

Before going to work yesterday I had nothing to browse in my closet, suddenly saw this denim top bought from  ukay-ukay last week.. =)I just paired it with hot pink skirt and flat beaded shoes.. Whaacha say the all mixed up?

I know I look small with flats.I'm just petite okay?Being petite is cute right?hahaha ...Obviously,  Grace took my outfit photos.Y'know I told her about my interest in fashion and the LOOKBOOK thingy..haha She have no idea and she thinks I'm weird at first haha.. finally she understands me at all ..SOO THAANK YOOUU FRIEND =) ♥

What I wore:

  • Denim top
  • Hot pink skirt
  • Neon earings ( didn't notice?)
  • owl necklace
  • braided belt (over-used)
  • beaded sandal
  • bracelet