Monday, December 24, 2012

Oh Christmas Green!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Noche Buena with  family.. Indeed it's he BEST-EST TIME OF THE YEAR..Anyway this post would only be about my outfit this holiday.What I decided to wear  something fits the season.There are only three colors that describe Christmas Red,White and Green(Well I guess so) .I wouldn't pick red anymore cos we did that repeatedly and white is so plain and clean.The Green is the color of holly, mistletoe and Christmas tree. Yada yada! So I picked out green

What bothers me earlier is what to wear?I bought green floral shorts (top it off with dirty white crochet top since it's cold and raining) or the sexy peplum dress.. But my sister forced me to wear the dress  cause she's wearing her mullet skirt.

Literally, my huge arms exposed too much right? But it's time to accept of what God given me. Eventhough how I try to make it toned but food always win.. I have to munch and forget all my insecurities haha..Okay ngayon lang toh okay? Pasko naman! 
I've been wanting peplums for so long from skirt, tops and  to dresses.Luckily, I chose dress and staple it with some accessories. 
Bib Necklace (skull and spikes)
Hot pink bangles

and Mustard floral flats..

So, It's time for me to get out in here and have fun with my love ones! Again HAPPY HOLIDAYS..and might as well hype my looks here