Friday, January 18, 2013

Royal Blue x Pencil

Here's another impromptu outfit shots I did earlier with cousin Cheney.We went from christening of our newly born niece  and  asked her to have photos with me after mass LOL.Actually I wasn't in the mood to do this but she insisted anyway haha... 

So here's an unplanned outfit  that I opted.Because in the first place I have nothing to wear but settle on my cut-out shoulder top which I already posted on LB.But this time I paired it with black pencil skirt and flats. I really love this skirt it make me look sexier (aheem ^-^) Though it's a bit bulky cause of not proper tucked-in opps (shame on me! Duuuh I was in a hurry haha)

bib necklace ,Btw I was wearing a black corset underneath.. =)

Okay meet my sexy and pretty  cousin Cheney we've through a lot since we were little kids.. and up to now =) love u to bits!