Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sweet Ube

Homay! I'm gaining weight again! Those huge arms! 2013 please make me thin! (silly me)

Hello Bloggers!Here's another outfit post that's done by "inside-job" (oh sorry for my term,It means
that I have no choice but to do it inside our messy room) soo yeah! ..I entitled it "SWEET UBE" cause of the filter I applied and obviously weaing violet/purple lose pants or
trouser  as well. This year  2013 it's is now trending from sweat pants, trouser, harem, palazzo everything that's lose..

Anyway, I got mine from "Ukay-ukay" bought by my Mom..I've been keeping this for couple of months now.But I just don't have  guts to wear it outside..Idk..maybe people here aren't that
fashion forward yet.Though I love trousers a lot it shows my petite frame..(Guys love petite girls y'know!haha) So much for my complains..Atleast I tried it!Right? I just paired with a violet  tank top
along with my ankle strap wedges  (so comfy to wear!) and spice up with some accessories. =)