Saturday, February 2, 2013


Here are words to describe this outfit : CAMO OVERLOAD and FEELER lang teh?haha Don't worry guys I just said it for you..I don't know I feel ashame to post something like these.But just look on my outfitPLEASE  not on my stiff-mouth ..LOL
 I never realized that we have so much Camo stuff in our closet..Actually we also have the jacket but I  couldn't find it anywhere, 

What got into me to sit on swivel chair and posed something like these? I just felt a sexy army girl wearing heels  ^_________^ and  some of my photos  cuff bracelet is missing LOL,
I'm not really a fan of camo prints..But the way I wore I feel brave, tough chic and sexy belly haha..

I thank my father for lending me his swiss army cap hanging on the wall for so long and my brothers army top =) Can you spot the 1D word prints? (1 Direction?) Haha But there's an "ED" in middle part.
Ofcourse this skirt is mine ... LOL Btw, I also have a  camo short but I won't wear camo again and post in LB haha =)) OA na!