Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yellow Black Checks

Hello there people! Idk if you already have read my blog about the 2013 fashion trends!I posted there about buffalo checks featured with some celebs and made a set from Polyvore.
So anyway if you  haven't it's alright! haha.. Buffalo checks is just like plaid style but If you just notice it's more like a chess board?Well for more info try to google it..LOL
Because I'm not really good in blogging about styles or everything.. Actually I have two buffalo checks prints got a week ago.The one is a top and the other is this shorts.

It is just a plain shorts y'know haha.. So to look more dressy I grabbed out this black sheer top from my Mom's loset(I gave it to here) I really love playing outfits..
Here's another fun fact: I once made the table cloth into a maxi skirt haha then posted to LOOKBOOK..haha..  So I'm that crazy!..Well I posted it 2 years ago..Make sure to find it there and get noticed!