Friday, March 8, 2013


Another impromptu outfit post well in our room again.There's also a reason why I cleaned this area cause Papa ordered a  deck bed for us yaay also a single  one for them(Mama).I'm so excited  at last I can style atleast my own bed sheet ..LOL ..I'm currently waiting  for the delivery (tick..tock..tick..tock..)

Okay going back to this outfit  ..I just bought these skirt and crochet jacket just  last week at ukay-ukay. I'm now a sucker for crochets and laces ..This was actually an unplanned mix-up until I found Mom's crochet flats.So game on!I conjure it with bandeau(as they call it) layered it with crochet jacket, printed skirt and the crochet flats.

I ignore the ugly background,cause  I'm shy to do it outside and yeap this look is perfect for summer at the beach ..just go for cute fliplops  or flats maybe.

Unfortunately, this cute flats doesn't fit on me .. Hands down to my mother who has a good taste when it comes to shoes and boo  to her to clothing (Kidding!) 

What I wore:

printed skirt
crochet jacket
crochet flats

Hype it here: