Thursday, May 23, 2013


(Note: This outfit was posted last year on lookbook but I forgot to blog about it )

Nothing is more comfy wearing laid back on a date with friends or your boyfie right? Well, I'm the type of girl who'd never wearing heels!Well, except for  special occasions  like wedding =)
I don't wanna feel uneasy  and  I really  adore some fashion  bloggers who can carry it well eventhough they were just going out shopping.As the matter of fact I only choose wedges if I want to add some inches in my height
but rather than that I only go for flats..Okay I'm now far of my topic already.LOL

So, for this laid back outfit and a Day Date as well.. I always wear my over-used denim vest  over  a plain top, dresses but never ever on long sleeves.(eww) I love vest a lot!Actually I only own a few fringes, crochet and this denim vest.Probably this coming pay day
I'l shop for more ..

Here's afunny story about this high waist shorts.. My sister and I went out on ukay-ukay 2 years ago.We saw this short but it has stained on it so I gave it to her ,After the stain washed out I asked it her to return it back again,
Then I realized one of the buttons got fell out from nowhere then again gave it to her,After some months Mom found the lost button and sewed it..When I saw my sister wearing it and again I asked her if ever..Y'know! Again..But this time she gave
me one condition.She'll let me to have it permanently if there's an exchange from my closet...So I was whaat? Then she grabbed my DIY Ombre top haha..So okay no fret! haha ( okay wrong grammar! nonsense whatsoever!)



  1. Cool! I love how the colors match and compliments each other dear!
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    1. thanks =) Ofcourse I'l join your blog giveaway.than for reminding me =)

  2. Cute outfit!

  3. Cute! The whole outfit is very calming to look at, because of the relaxing, blue colour palette.