Saturday, May 4, 2013


     Fringe handbag

    Bohemian pants

Gaah! Internet is so tempting I can't focus on my review LOL. So hello girls! I'm so happy that I have new followers thanks you so much =)) *big hugs! I do multitasking tonight texting my boyfriend while blogging :P

This morning I had my last anti-rabies vaccine (Horaay! Ask me why about it )  before heading to review center. I ended up wearing this loose pants which I call now a bohemian pants LOL I google  it here look similar right? :p Thats why I got my title "BOHEMIAN SATURDAY" . I bought a month ago from a cheaper store ..I really don't know yet on what to wear on top then y'know b&w stripes are now on trend yiih =) So boom I made a bohemian style look matching accessories and my forever love fringe handbag.Btw I own 4 fringe handbags LOL.

Okay I love "LOL" expression haha.So that's all for now..don't forget to hype it here:


  1. I love your bag and your arm candies! you look so fresh and chic :)

  2. Wow! Your bag is cute ))