Monday, May 6, 2013

I don't know about you but im feeling 22

Yay! Today is my BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY! I thank my family and co-workers for celebrating it together =) I already have my 3 wishes ..It's just me and God who knows it...No material things!

Anyway,this what I wore for today's work and I know most of you saw this already  on lookbook . Shall I say this white blazer and floral pants are my favorite in my closet. To remind you guys I'm not so into new clothes or what's on trend (well sometimes) I'm all on mixing and matching outfits whether I wore it repeatedly. About my title "I don't know about you but im feeling 22" is Taylor Swift new single ..Honestly I'm not feeling 22 yet  until I focus on what I wanna be, my life and everything.



  1. Happy Birthday dear! <3
    I love your pants!

  2. Great pants! Plus, extra thumbs up for the title! Taylor Swiftttt <3

    P.s. Happy belated birthday :)Hope you had a lovely day!

    1. I really had an amazing birthday with my family and co-workers..Thank you so much! =)