Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Greener than green

another steal from Mom's shoe closet >:)

Why hello girls! I skip from  work today due to an awful tummy ache ..poor me :( While staying at bed I feel bored doing nothing so I decided to get up and have an outfit post LOL (for those who can relate , be with me *laugh* )

Aside from stealing my mom's shoes for zillion times  ..I asked her also to own her top (okay I'm a bad daughter huh?) Fortunately, she said yes right away ..She doesn't want this top anyway cause it shows her huge arm daw .Well same here with me hello!?! But who cares? Okay what I love about  this lose top it's simple yet summer-y right? Nothing, I just decided to dress up in one color  just to fit on my month stone which is Emerald =)

P.S. I'm not that good in blogging.So I hope you like my *boredom strikes slash outfit of the day * I told you even in combining words I'm such lame