Friday, May 17, 2013

Cause loving him was red

Hello girls! Can you notice that I'm more on stripes lately? Well expect for more of it =))
I'm not really a sucker for stripes it's just happen that I got lots of it from my mom.So, aside from black and white I also have a red and white lining..Okay ,this look is inspired by Taylor Swift and again my title  is one of her song album "Red".

This was her look that I wanted to achieve..I really love it  especially pairing with a red skater skirt.I got it from an online shop BE FAB FOR LESS for only a very low price =) just go visit her ig account.

What I wore:
  • red and white top - thrift shop
  • red skater skirt - BE FAB FOR LESS
  • ankle strap flats - thrift shop
  • bib necklace-thrift shop
  • bangles - my jewelry box


  1. Pretty! Love the whole outfit
    red is one of my fav. color :)))

    1. Thanks a lot Cristine this was supposed to be Taylor Swift inspired look :)

  2. Cute! Red is also one of my favourite colours. Also, the album RED, and the song "Red" are one of my favourites too :)Awesome to meet another Taylor Swift fan :D

  3. OH MY GOD, what a lovely skirt!! Any chance you are selling it?! :)